Emotional Freedom Technique For Animals and Their People


If you are reading this web site, it’s likely that you’re willing to go that extra mile for your dogs. Yet do you neglect your own needs and your own health? Is this familiar to you: your dog is given an optimum diet, vitamin supplements, regular walks . . . but you eat food that isn’t too good for you, vitamins are too expensive for you, and you resist being ‘selfish’ where your own needs are concerned?

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Your dog is certainly on your List of People Who Matter – but are you on it?

Our dogs are so connected to us. They are monitoring our emotional state on a continuous basis. Even though dogs can’t talk, people who are close to the animals know that dogs care more about how their human friends feel than they do about anything else.

Are you happy? They want to know. Are you relaxed, confident, comfortable, safe and secure with yourself and others? Are your relationships and your career fulfilling? Is your life filled with health, love, joy, peace and celebration? Do you love, honour and respect yourself? Do you give loving attention to yourself at all? Even if these questions have never really crossed your mind, I believe that they cross your dogs’ minds – if not on an intellectual level, then certainly on an energetic level (just like children who might not understand why mummy is upset, but they do know that mummy is upset).

Do you think it possible that your dogs pick up on your emotions and thoughts, and that your emotions and thoughts have an effect on them? I personally believe that they do. I’d go one further: I believe that our animals are deeply spiritual beings who often take on our emotional and mental suffering, and seek to transmute it. And some dogs take on far more than they can cope with.

Many people notice and understand that their dogs mirror, or act out, their owners’ emotions. If you’re nervous and anxious, you might also see that your dog is nervous and anxious, too. If your dog is aggressive towards strangers, you might also realise that you don’t trust strangers either! If your dog is highly strung and excitable . . . do you see that in yourself, too?

Humanity is beginning to realise that their thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on the world around them. If you’re in the company of someone who is at peace with themselves, you soon feel infected by their ‘peace virus’. If you share space with someone who is bad tempered or who easily takes offence at things you say, you’re looking for the exit – fast.

And yet our dogs don’t have that choice. They live with us for better or worse.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a fast-track tool for personal growth, bringing peace and harmony into our lives in direct proportion to the amount we use it. From personal experience of using EFT, I know that when we use EFT on ourselves, we are taking care of ourselves and the animals in our care. After all, we can’t give our dogs anything that we ourselves do not have.

Emotional Freedom Technique works on the energy body, and is used to release emotions and thoughts which cause problems in our lives, and which can lead to ill health. EFT is great for behavioural problems in animals, too. It has been shown to work powerfully for both humans and animals.

What is EFT?

EFT is similar to acupuncture, but instead of using needles, you stimulate well established energy meridian points on your body by tapping them with your fingertips. The process is easy to memorise and you can do it anywhere.

EFT is based on time-honoured Eastern discoveries that have been around for over 5,000 years and, more recently, Albert Einstein, who told us back in the 1920's that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy. These ideas have been largely ignored by Western healing practices and that is why EFT often works where nothing else will.

You can learn to use EFT for yourself and your animals by attending one of our weekend workshops. Or you can book an EFT phone session. See below for details.

You can make enormous strides by using EFT on yourself to resolve the issues in life which upset you, or hold you back. Instead of suffering, or taking months or years using conventional therapy, EFT can often do the job cleanly and thoroughly in one or two sessions – and sometimes it does it in moments. We label these near-instant results as ‘one minute wonders’. Learn how to do EFT properly and you will likely experience them 50% of the time.

Once you have seen how well EFT clears out emotional debris, your next step is to notice how physical ailments start to fade. Headaches, back pains and other discomforts tend to improve or vanish. Your vision may become clearer and everyday stress takes less toll on your system.

Accordingly, you can use EFT for just about everything. This is one of the most astonishing things about it. You can use the same basic procedure for your fear of heights as you do for removing exam nerves. You can also use it for everything from the common cold to cancer. People who use EFT have had success with every emotional issue on the books, including fear, trauma, depression, grief and schizophrenia. There is nothing like it, anywhere.

For some reason, animals respond very powerfully to EFT. We have seen it produce positive results, or even alleviate totally, issues like dogs fighting with one-another, chasing livestock, being terrified of fireworks or thunder storms, fear of other dogs, and many more behavioural issues. It has also been shown to provide relief for many physical ailments such as skin problems and hot spots, arthritis, and vaccine damage.

Possible EFT limitations

We’re not saying that EFT is perfect. We don't get 100%. But it usually works well and the results are sometimes spectacular. It often works where nothing else will.

Also, you will find that EFT is usually quite gentle and you can often achieve substantial relief with little or no pain. This is not true for everyone, however. Some people's issue are so intense that the mere mention of them causes emotional or physical pain. Although truly serious instances of this (sometimes called abreactions) are most likely to occur in seriously emotionally challenged people (best estimate is less than 3% of the population), newcomers to EFT are advised to exercise common sense in this regard and not go where they aren't qualified. It must also be remembered that you are not legally entitled to treat any animals except your own unless you are a qualified vet or you have been referred by a vet. We would also add, for the sake of the animals, that you need to work with your vet and any concerns should be taken to your vet.

Examples of the Power of EFT

Painful Arthritis

By the time Sophie, a Golden Retriever, had reached the age of 14, she had suffered from arthritis since she was six. We had helped her with nutrition, herbs, homoeopathy and acupuncture, but it continued to stay in the background. One day her front right paw swelled up so much that it became deformed. I used EFT on myself (surrogately) for her. I couldn't believe my eyes. Within two or three minutes, Sophie’s paws went down as though they were balloons letting out air. It was like a horror story special effect in reverse.

Not trusting myself not to have imagined it, Sophie was good enough to manifest the swollen paws while my sister was visiting. I again tapped surrogately while she and I looked on. Again, we saw the swelling subside in front of our eyes.

You couldn't have more positive proof that surrogate tapping works. My sister hurried home to tap on her own dogs. Sophie passed over at the age of 17, and her paws never became swollen after the second round of tapping.


Nials was a 10 month-old Bull Terrier who became epileptic one week after his vaccine shot. Lots of scientific evidence links epilepsy in with vaccines.

I couldn't get him to sit still, he was very hyper, so I walked around with him, surrogately tapping on fits, excitability, vaccine damage. Using my intuition, I also tapped him for worrying about his 'mummy and daddy’ worrying that he has fits. I taught the owners how to tap (they looked rather surprised as this was a referral and they weren't really expecting to be tapping themselves!).

At one point, I was sitting on the floor and the puppy flung himself at me to play and started skitting around, and the man said that he was about to go into a fit (his jaw started trembling, which was an indicator). So I surrogately tapped on Nials' fits. He settled down and started eating a bone, no fits.

The owners went away saying that although they found it strange at first, they were going to practice tapping. I suggested they tap on their own anxiety about the fits, so that if it happened again, they would have less emotional charge.

Arthritis and Neglect

Bonnie contacted me in November 1999 after reading the Canine Health Concern web page, which describes the wonders of EFT (amongst other things).

Bonnie's female dog, Cassie, had only been living with her for four weeks. Cassie was eight years old and had been used as a breeding dog, but she was no longer of use to her original owners. When they moved in together, Bonnie took Cassie to the vet for a checkup. He diagnosed her with kennel cough (dog flu) and spinal damage (which he wanted to operate on) and he began a vaccination programme.

Bonnie wrote, "Cassie seems to have arthritis in her spine, and her left front and back legs. She has been sadly neglected these past years and has bad plaque build-up on her teeth. I have scheduled her for teeth cleaning, blood tests and an x-ray."

Bonnie told me that Cassie seemed to sparkle after the first three weeks with her, but became melancholy and distant after Bonnie had to go out of town for a few days. She also had a pronounced limp. Bonnie asked for long-distance EFT healing. I agreed, explaining I had never tried it before so couldn't guarantee a result.

Obviously, dogs can't talk - so it's difficult for them to tell us about their emotions. Neither could I see her. So I "communicated" with Cassie.

Obviously, communicating with animals is not part of EFT, so I'll cut to the treatment! I treated her (surrogately with EFT) for grief: losing her puppies and friends. I also treated for low energy levels, vaccine damage, central nervous system damage, and aching bones.

I asked Bonnie, with her vet’s consent, to postpone the x-ray and teeth cleaning, but to feed raw meaty bones which act as Nature's toothbrush for our canine friends. I also suggested she put a hold on the vaccines as you need a healthy immune system to come through the vaccine challenge intact, and Cassie had clearly been through enough stress in the previous few weeks (incidentally, vaccines are licensed for use in healthy animals only).

The next day, Bonnie sent me an e-mail. She said that Cassie's rear left leg, which had appeared decimated and seemed to be causing pain, was now in perfect condition. She was energetic and happy, and woke Bonnie several times in the night with doggie kisses. Bonnie cancelled the remaining vaccine shots and postponed the x-rays indefinitely as Cassie's spine was no longer "jaunting through her back."

I received another e-mail from Bonnie some nine months after the once-only treatment. She said, "Cassie runs around like a youngster now and is having great fun with her life. She is giving Eros, my three year old Akita, the time of his life. He is a happy playmate. I can't thank you enough." She never did need the spinal operation.

I have experienced quite a few examples of EFT stimulating remarkable recoveries for animals, in various parts of the world. One beautiful Newfoundland was able to take his rightful place at Crufts (the Dog Show of dog shows) thanks to EFT. His owner called me the night before in a dreadful panic because Charlie had developed a huge weeping sore on the side of his face. She explained that he had struggled with the condition before and it took months to clear up. So I tapped . . . (vaccine damage again) . . . and learnt that the condition had disappeared by the next day.

Finally, while on a visit to America, we stayed at a camp which had its own, very smelly, resident skunk. After about a week of constant and lingering odour, I had the bright idea to tap for the little chap. He didn't seem very well (we don't have skunks in Britain but I guessed that they're not supposed to smell all of the time, unless they're ill). I am happy to report that the perfume in the air had a far nicer glow to it the next day, and thereafter - well, at least until we left, anyway.


We host regular EFT workshops at our home near Perth in Scotland. These are fully residential with comfortable accommodation and delicious food. You can fly into Edinburgh airport and we will collect you (there are many cheap flights on offer – check out www.easyjet.co.uk). If you’re travelling by car, we are only five minutes away from the M/A90 which connects Edinburgh and Dundee. If you’re coming by train, we’re close to Perth railway station and, again, we’re happy to collect you.

I believe our EFT workshop are unique in that we teach you how to use the therapy on yourself and other humans, and we also teach you how to use it for the animals. To assist you in this, we also cover animal communication.

** If you can get a group of six or more together, we are happy to travel to locations within the UK.


If you can’t make it to one of our workshops (although you’d be doing yourself a big favour by learning the technique thoroughly yourself), I will send you a diagram of the EFT tapping points, and lead you through the process over the phone. Once mastered, this is a highly efficient method. If you are working on your animal friend, then you can either post or email a photograph for me to tune into.

Phone EFT is particularly useful for people in different parts of the world, or who are unable to travel. Although I cannot offer a 100% guarantee, I can say that we have had many successes using EFT at a distance.

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